M & A - Refresher Course 2018

Dear Raechel, Thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts this baby remained back to back and therefore labour was long 1.5 days (but shorter than my first baby). My waters broke 6:45 on 13.3.18 and then surges began. The up breathing exercises really helped me to cope especially during the slow progression. Because of the slow progression, and swelling on babies head when I was getting intense surges despite only being 4-5cm, I was not permitted to go in the pool, but my partner found your advice so helpful at making sure my wishes were listened to, and he remembered all the advice you gave. They allowed me to labour without induction as I was still progressing even though it was slow, but after baby moved into the birth canal facing left she then started to arch her neck and had brow presentation where I was informed it would be considered unsafe to continue and had to deliver her by emergency c section. She was born at 23:02 on 14.3.18 weighing 8lbs 11oz and donated her cord to Antony Nolan. 

Thanks again for all your guidance.