S&G - Refresher Course 2017

Hi Raechel

I wanted to let you know our surprise and wonderful news that we had a lovely little boy..

It came as a surprise as we were expecting him to wait a bit longer but baby was obviously ready to come and give me a surprise birthday present.

All in all I am really pleased with how my labor went and feel a lot of that was down to the prep we did and the course we did with yourself so thank you so much. We had a clear plan that made us few more in control, gave my husband a role and also meant I could last a lot longer without pain relief and remain in a calm, positive space for longer. The midwife team were lovely as well so a very different experience from when I came away from my last labour.

My waters broke in the night and we went into hospital about 5am with very light surges but quite quickly progressed to 5cm dilated in triage but whilst in there they didn’t give me an examination until they needed to at end to get me to labor ward and because I was so relaxed and we had advised the midwife about previous experience I did not find it as bad. I didn’t use any gas and air until I got to about 5cm and during the time I listened to my audio tape, wore eye mask to keep it dark and focused on breathing and was on a ball so much better environment for me to remain calm. When I got into active labour at 5cm I felt I needed more pain relief so asked for epidural and started having gas and air. Within an hour I was in labour ward with epidural and whilst that last hour I did find painful and hard I managed it. I then progressed well over the next few hours and basically used the time to rest and I pushed baby out at 13.17 after about 30mins and then we had skin to skin for a few hours, he fed and generally had a very peaceful after birth experience.

We stayed in one night and were home by Monday afternoon which was lovely. I have come away feeling much more positive about our experience and with less pain relief and with a less assisted delivery I am recovering quicker and able to enjoy my time back at home and settling us all in as a family of four :)

Thank you again, S&G.


Having done an 18 hour antenatal class with our first born. I learnt more in the first 3 hour session with Raechel about my role as the birth partner and the practical things I could do, than I did in the whole of the last course we took.
— Dad